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Rank In The City is an Internet Marketing Company that offers search-based services to grow visibility, strengthen connections and create more engagements with potential and existing customers.

Whether the business is brick and mortar, a storefront, mobile-based, or strictly virtual, we create better ways for all business types to rank and be discovered in search organically and via targeted ad campaigns on a local level. Our system is designed with a first to search and first-page rank focus that creates first-page visibility and ranking in consumer search queries on Google, Yahoo, Bing, plus all other search-related platforms and directories that provide relevant data for the web. 

Our goal is to help every business be seen better in search, engage with organic customers, and be presented with more sales opportunities. Our system also shares content with social media platforms to grow followers and engagements via post and targeted ad campaigns that will in turn create additional sales opportunities.


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Rank In The City is a member of the CitySpotz Network. We share data with a cluster of platforms within the network to create a better presence and rank in search. It is our top priority to distribute accurate content to our growing external network of aggregators, social platforms, search engines, and business directories that we are in partnership with. 


No matter how you start your marketing journey to promote and create visibility for your business, it is Rank In The City’s goal to assist and support your business in every way to make an impact online and locally in your industry. Our platform is evolving and improving virtually to stay in step with the rapid changes in technology and marketing that affect every business owner. We are constantly creating innovative ways to help every type of business using our service stay relevant and well ranked against the competition online where potential customers are.

We love what we do and It’s truly our pleasure to serve you.